A reflection of science advancement in the pharmaceutical industry and how skills and careers continue to evolve.

Find out how a drink is made from growing the fruit on farms to selling in a supermarket and we will include videos of some of the different steps. In the presentation we dive deeper into how we develop new drinks.

In this session you will meet Tessa Reid and Chris Stephens, two PhD students from Rothamsted Research. They will share with you their journey into biological research and some of the amazing opportunities that this STEM career has opened up for them; from lab work, to field work to testing centres during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ever wondered how scientists study malaria? Find out how we breed and study mosquitos – the carriers of the malaria parasite with our video tour of a working mosquito lab at the Wellcome Sanger Institute.

Art and Literature have nothing to do with STEM subjects, right? Wrong! This session will explain how a love of arts can lead to a career in Network Engineering, linking skills gained from humanities study to the technology sector, and may make you re-assess what an engineer can be.

This session is an introduction to manufacturing engineering and examples in the healthcare industry. The practical activity is a real engineering example to help teach basic engineering skills involved in manufacturing activities.

A look at the Smart phone – what they do, how they work and the tools that were used in the past to carry out those tasks.

What to do when there is no single solution to ongoing threat? This talk explores the social, economic and environmental factors associated with sewer fatbergs formation and removal. It will unveil how technical skills can no longer suffice on their own when urgent transformational change is required, and creative thinking and effective communication can make a difference between success and failure.

No matter your passion, no matter what you’d love to do for a career, you can satisfy the inner
geek. Want to be a beautician, but in your spare time you live on social media and play Fortnite?
Combine your passions and make money!

Providing an overall view of the world of maintenance and engineering and how we support and enable one of the leading supermarkets to serve Britain’s shoppers every day.

Let Glenn take you on a journey into space, starting in Stevenage! He provides an overview of the work done at Airbus on spacecraft design, build and test and what is required to be an engineer.

What is an engineer? What do Engineers do? The role of Engineers in taking concepts, ideas and technology into the systems, infrastructure and products we use every day.

A presentation on the engineering opportunities offered by the RAF including apprenticeships and university sponsorship.

Engineering is all around you – we’ll be providing insight into our day-to-day work with HCC/WSP and where an engineering path can lead

Ever feel like you’re being followed around the internet? Do you ever wonder why the adverts that are served to you on social media are always relevant to what you’ve been searching for recently? In this webinar, Friel Marketing delves into the psychology, technology, engineering and data behind the wonderful world of marketing.

The pandemic caused by COVID-19 has affected us all in so many ways. In this work shop Students make their own paper model of the coronavirus. We discussed how it
infects us, what different tests detect and how a vaccine may help us develop immunity.

Jemima Willcox owns The Willcox Collective, a creative visual agency on a quest to deliver the best in visual content to tech companies and specialising in portrait photography. Jemima shows you how she created the Cheeky
Selfie series, superimposing the sitters cheek cells into their portraits and how she created a sitter’s brainwaves into visuals and then music! This presentation highlights how you can combine being creative with a career in STEM,
along with useful insights of what it’s really like to be your own boss and run a business

How can teenagers become more financially savvy and use maths for a future career? Find out with Mrs Mummpenny! Lynn Beattie is a personal finance expert and founder of Mrs Mummypenny. Her background is a CIMA management accountant of 17 years with a breadth of experience working in commercial finance for Tesco, EE & HSBC. Lynn features regularly on campaigns for PensionBee, Aldi, LifeSearch & Zopa Bank and also appears regularly in the media inc.
The Financial Times, The Sun, iWeekend, ITV and BBC TV/Radio. She presents a weekly Podcast/YouTube show,
Mrs Mummypenny Talks. Lynn is the author of ‘The Money Guide to Transform Your Life’ published 1st Sept 2020.

Look at the concept of risk. How much risk do we allow before something becomes unsafe? We will explore this using a fun dice game. David Sheffield explains how he uses risk in his job, investigating the safety of consumer goods products.

Take a look at the link between maths and encryption. Students find out how maths was used in codebreaking and try it out for

Rothamsted Research has been conducting Agricultural Research for over 175 years with Maths and Statistics playing a critical part in the journey to greater food security. In this session we meet Helen Metcalfe, who took a winding route into her STEM career and now uses maths to model how weeds fit into an agricultural landscape, and Kirsty Hassall, whose love of maths now sees her adding value to a huge variety of biological problems, from identifying insects through sound to improving farm and field management.

Meet Natalie Finnigan. Natalie gives a brief overview about her route in construction from Admin Assistant to Principal Quantity Surveyor; What a quantity surveyor does and the skills needed (some maths – a lot of team work and negotiation!)

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