Smart Toy Engineers

Bit:Bot Robots
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The Smart Toy Company has built several prototypes for a new range of programmable wheeled toys. The design team have called the prototypes Bit:Bot and they want to find out how well the prototypes work.
Working in pairs your pupils act as test engineers first learning how to program Bit:Bot, then finding out how Bit:Bot behaves by carrying out a series of experiments and finally using the data collected to
program Bit:Bot to successfully navigate a test track.

The aims of the workshop are to:

  • provide a stimulating and practical activity suitable for all abilities, which compliments learning in school
  • learn how to program the BBC micro:bit computer using block code
  • carry out experiments by making accurate measurements, recording results, drawing and interpreting graphs
  • develop numeracy, logical thinking, analytical and problem solving skills
  • improve team working and communication skills
  • provide more experienced programmers the opportunity to use imagination and creativity

This workshop requires use of the Hall.
IT suite not needed as we bring all resources.

To book this workshop, please email Helen Bailey


5 & 6

A whole day: 2 x 2 1/4 hours approx. sessions/workshops at £390 per day
Morning only: 1 x 2 1/4 hours approx. sessions/workshops at £265 per morning
All materials and equipment provided. Maximum class numbers = 32 pupils

Teacher supervision only, although parents with an interest/skill in programming are welcome, we will provide a volunteer STEM Ambassador to assist this workshop subject to availability.

This workshop is only suitable for Year 5 pupils from the spring term onwards