Materials Yr1

What are things made of and why?
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This popular workshop in schools allows pupils to ask questions such as – What are things made of? Why do we use a particular material for something? What properties does that material have to make it good for purpose?

In small groups, children carry out hands-on, exciting activities to help them meet the ‘Everyday Materials’ element of the Year 1 programme of study. Activities include, sorting a large set of everyday items, vocabulary developing games and workshop leader led discussion. For the final activity, we use a well-loved traditional tale to engage the class’s problem-solving abilities in carrying out a practical  experiment.

The workshop works best in the classroom.

To book this workshop, please email Helen Bailey



A whole day: 3 x 1 1/2 hours sessions/workshops at £390 per day
Morning only: 2 x 1 1/2 hours sessions/workshops at £265 per morning
All materials and equipment provided. Maximum class numbers = 30 pupils


You will need to provide 5 adult helpers in addition to the class teacher for each session/workshop