Exploring Materials

Four thought-provoking science investigations
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Each child will have the opportunity to carry out four different National Curriculum linked practical activities, including classifying, changing and separating materials. Children work through the activities in small groups to create a lava lamp effect; produce gas to blow up balloons; split black ink into all the colours of the rainbow and find out which material is the hardest!

This workshop will help you to deliver some of the curriculum on ‘Materials’. SETPOINT will help to raise children’s awareness of how scientists work. It builds home school links – all children can take home instructions on how to carry out the experiments.
Children, staff and parent-helpers alike love this fun and exciting workshop.

This workshop needs to take place in the school hall.

To book this workshop, please email Helen Bailey h.bailey@stempointeast.org.uk


3 to 6

A whole day: 3 x 1 1/2 hours sessions/workshops at £390 per day
Morning only: 2 x 1 1/2 hours sessions/workshops at £265 per morning
All materials and equipment provided. Maximum class numbers = 30 pupils


You will need to provide 5 adult helpers in addition to the class teacher for each session/workshop