The K’Nex Challenge is a low cost engineering workshop that takes place during the second half of the academic year and is led by engineers who are volunteers not SETPOINT workshop leaders. It is suitable for Years 5 & 6 with up to 2 classes of 36 children, (maximum of 72 pupils a day). The winning pair of children from each class is nominated and an overall winner will be judged to win prizes. Some schools have an engineer who can be recruited through governors, teachers or parents, or SETPOINT can help find and allocate an engineer from the STEM Ambassador scheme.


Registrations for 2022 are now closed


Cost of this Challenge – £65 plus 50p per pupil.
To enter – registration details will be sent to schools during the first week of the Autumn Term – so hurry, places fill up fast!


The K’Nex challenge is available in Hertfordshire and Luton schools, but to discuss offering the challenge in other counties please get in touch.

Contact Vannessa Nash at [email protected]