We are an educational charity whose aim is to inspire young people about STEM. We have over 35 years’ experience of delivering high-quality STEM workshops to both primary and secondary schools, and provide insight and greater awareness of how STEM subjects can lead to fascinating and worthwhile careers.

As an educational charity we offer schools many ways to help inspire young people, our primary paper engineering challenge during British Science week, our K’Nex Challenge open to schools in Hertfordshire & Luton, special ‘Maths days’ in Hertfordshire only and free Teach Meet online Zoom sessions throughout the East of England.

Check out our workshops colour coded by STEM topic.

Jack To The Future

Hertfordshire primary school student Jack, age 9, has a passion for STEM. From the future of science, technology and inventions, to global issues affecting our planet, Jack covers them all on his fortnightly podcast for children and adults.

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