We invite you to support our work in helping to develop employability skills and raise the aspirations of the next generation of scientists, engineers, mathematicians and technologists by sponsoring our work.

Opportunities for sponsorship include:

Primary & Secondary School Workshops

STEMPOINT have been providing high-quality, fun, educational workshops to local schools for over 35 years.

Workshops cover all age groups and abilities and every area of STEM

Sponsor a workshop

that closely matches your own aims or area of business, or support a group of local schools.
Contact: h.bailey@stempoint.org.uk

CREST Awards

The CREST Awards scheme is run nationally by the British Science Association, providing science enrichment activities to inspire and engage 5-to-19-year olds.

CREST Awards gives pupils the chance to participate in hands-on science through investigations and enquiry-based learning, supporting them to solve real-life STEM challenges through practical investigation and discussion. Cost for submitting project work for an award start at just £1 per pupil, rising to £20 for a Gold Award.

We encourage companies and STEM Ambassadors to link their own activities to CREST criteria, to give an extra sense of achievement to pupils.

Sponsor CREST Awards

Awards for local schools or a particular project
Contact: h.bailey@stempoint.org.uk

K’Nex Challenge

Our popular annual K’nex Challenge provides primary school children in Hertfordshire and Luton with an introduction to the exciting world of engineering and technology. The challenge is suitable for children of all abilities and is run by STEM Ambassadors who are trained to deliver the sessions in school.

The challenge requires the pupils to design and build a solution to a problem that is given to the children on the day, developing their problem-solving skills, using creativity as well as early project management skills.
Last year, more than 150 schools took part in this low-cost and exciting activity, valued by both teachers and pupils.

Sponsor the K’nex Challenge

or volunteer to deliver a session in your local school.
Contact: v.nash@stempoint.org.uk

To sponsor our British Science Week

activities, or offer an expert talk,
contact: h.spencer@stempoint.org.uk

Special Events

We organise many special events throughout the year – for example our STEM Inspiration Week offering students aged 13 – 15 the chance to hear about STEM careers with local companies.

Become a valued partner

Help us achieve our aims by offering presentations and/or sponsorship
To discuss collaboration, contact: h.spencer@stempoint.org.uk

Nuffield Research Placements

Nuffield Research Placements offer students in Year 12 (aged 17-18) the opportunity to work alongside scientists, engineers, mathematicians and technologists for four to six weeks of their summer holiday. The students work on a specific project and at the end produce a report and attend a Celebration event. Most students also go on to achieve a Gold CREST Award for their work.

STEMPOINT act as regional co-ordinators and place more than 200 students each summer in high-quality placements that offer students hands-on experience with experts.

Students are carefully matched on academic criteria and their subject interest and STEMPOINT support both the students and their supervisors throughout the process. Students from low income backgrounds and those who will be the first in their family to go to university are prioritised.

There is no direct cost to your organisation – in-kind support is through your time to support a young person with a research project.

Could you supervise a student with a STEM project?

Contact: s.moore@stempoint.org.uk

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